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Published Thursday Mar 08, 2018 by Erica Arvanitis

Our Secrets to a Better Night’s Sleep


Dedicated to catching quality Zzz’s? For those of us who struggle with getting enough sleep—or snagging deep, dreamy slumber—your next go-to product or tip might be just around the corner. 

We asked around the MINDBODY San Diego, California office and scored eight individually tested tips for Sleep Awareness Week—and every other week of the year. Don’t worry, we’re professional nappers.


Tap into restful sleep 

“While it can be essential to unplug before bed, I find what works best for me is utilizing my phone. No scrolling mindlessly through Instagram or checking your Pinterest, I’m talking meditation apps. If I’m having a hard time falling asleep, I tap my Simple Habit app and there are tons of meditations tailored to whatever my drift-off dilemma may be. Personally, I love the “Sleep Therapy” session—it’ll send you right to sleep.”  
- Erica A., Copywriter 



Quali-tea shuteye

“I drink herbal tea about an hour before bed and about 30 minutes before bed, I put lavender oil in my aromatherapy diffuser. The brews that send me straight to sleep are 40 Winks Tea, Foxtrot Tea, and Chamomile Lavender Tea!”
- Marie Z., Product Manager 


silk sheets

Get your beauty sleep 

“Sleeping on comfortable materials are linked to helping you fall asleep faster—therefore silk pillowcases are completely necessary in the sleep process. There is no better feeling then the soft, smooth and luxurious feel of silk against your skin when you go to bed. It’s the perfect way to end your day and slip you into the night (see what I did there?). It is truly like having a facial, massage and hair blow out every night.”
- Devin D., Marketing Communications Specialist

Achieve snooze status with a sleep aid 

“One word, four syllables: Mel-a-to-nin! I take 2-4mg a few minutes before getting in bed. 15-20 minutes later I can’t keep my eyes open. I sleep like a baby and don’t have a melatonin hangover in the morning.”
- Ryan K., Data Analyst 


essential oil
Shuteye the self-care way 

“A little self-care and reading before bed is what helps me sleep best. I love turning on my essential oil diffuser and adding some lavender essential oil—lavender has such a calming scent and it helps me relax. Then I’ll put on a face mask (I usually use a charcoal mask, or moisturizing mask if my skin is dry); and read a good book while the mask sets. Reading puts me to sleep better than anything and it’s a great way to disconnect from all of the week’s obligations.”
- Hanna H., Dynamic Pricing Specialist

Reset your rhythm 

“I think the most impactful thing I do to have a restful night’s sleep is honor the transition time between my daily work, social activities and my night. Before I enter my house I like to take a short walk around the block to reset. If it’s too late or the weather is bad I’ll simply pause in my car for a minute to take a few deep breaths, reflect on my day and clear my mind, before entering the house.”
- Laurenn C., Marketing, Consumer Products


bath self care
Give yourself a siesta-level spa night 

“After a long stressful day, I always sleep better after a hot bath or shower before bed. For extra REMs, throw in some calming bath salts and a candle or two. Don’t have time for a bath? Use some essential oil lavender body wash and pretend you're decompressing at your favorite spa.”
- Natalie E., Product Manager 

CALM your body before bed 

“I take a few sips of CALM—Calcium Magnesium—and that truly calms me down, letting me drift away to a better night’s sleep. I always turn my diffuser on for some lavender/eucalyptus smells, plus it’s a nice white noise. Lastly, I always try and put my phone away and read at least a few pages of a book—I usually knock out after the first few paragraphs.”
- Keana N., Consumer Products Marketing Manager


Whether you’re a night owl or early bird, fall asleep fast—and stay that way until you hit the snooze button—by trying one of these daily habits from our MINDBODY slumber gurus! 

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Erica Arvanitis
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