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Our Real-Life Hacks for Daylight Savings Time
Published Friday Nov 02, 2018 by Brittany Raine

Our Real-Life Tips for Tackling Daylight Savings Time


It’s time to turn that clock back an hour….again. But are you feeling a little out of whack even though you just gained an extra hour of sleep? Maybe it’s the whole “brighter earlier + shorter, darker days” thing that throws you off. Who knew this yearly 60-minute change could make such a difference in our routine? If you are anything like me, “falling back” really puts a wrench in my schedule (but let’s be honest, those late fall sunsets sure are beautiful).  

Here are four wellness tips and real-life hacks that can help you adapt to Daylight Savings Time:


Make gradual shifts as needed.

The hour difference can mess with your sleep schedule. And if you’re one of the 164 million Americans who suffer from not getting the appropriate amount of slumber, changing the clock can become an issue. Allow yourself time to adjust. If the extra morning sunlight is disruptive, maybe it’s time to invest in a luxurious sleep mask. Or if it hurts to keep your eyes open before your usual bedtime because it’s so dark out, don’t fight it! Welcome those extra hours of zzzz’s until you feel like your body is back on track. 


Implement a nighttime ritual that feels natural. 

The struggle can be real when it comes to embracing Daylight Savings Time. One *major* thing that helps me find solace when the sky is dark by 6pm? My nighttime ritual—specifically my bedtime ritual. It always keeps me on track and helps me unwind after a long workday. Accept the shorter sunny hours by getting cozy before hitting the sheets. Take time to rest and relax. Ditch technology and unwind with a book. Or diffuse some of your favorite essential oils. These two things alone help me adapt in a routine that feels right to me.   


Stick to your workout schedule—or find a new fitness class.

Does the extra hour of darkness throw off your fitness game? If you’re having a hard time getting back into your regular workout schedule, try scheduling a new class at a new studio on the MINDBODY app. It can add a little extra excitement to your calendar! Maybe the morning daylight has you all about those sun salutations at an early morning meditation session. Or do colder nights have you warming up to hot yoga? I always like to add a different exercise (or two) to my routine when the seasons (and the clocks) change.


Don’t forget to go outside! 

Though the temperature might be dipping down as winter approaches, make the most of the daylight that is left by going out into the great outdoors. Whether it’s a quick walk during lunch, a Saturday afternoon hike, or a brisk walk with your dog, spending time outside in the sunlight (even if it is a little chillier!) is one easy way to help your body adjust to seasonal jet lag. A few steps and some fresh air can make a huge difference in your day.  

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