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Cozy Up to Our 4 Favorite Superfood Mushroom Blends
Published Thursday Dec 06, 2018 by Brittany Raine

Cozy Up to Our 4 Favorite Superfood Mushroom Blends

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This holiday season, we are all about cozying up to some toasty mushroom drinks. That’s right; we drink our mushrooms. From coffee to cocoa, sipping on fungi for health-boosting benefits is finally penetrating the Western wellness market, thanks to brands like Four Sigmatic.
Reduce stress, sharpen your focus and improve your immune system—without sacrificing the taste of your coveted morning boost. Chock-full of earthy flavors that complement rich, smooth coffee beans, Four Sigmatic makes it easy to stay energized without feeling restless or anxious. Get ready to relax and reset with a few of our favorite (and tasty) drinks from Four Sigmatic that can fit all your wellness goals and mood.

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Hear me roar!

Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane
Just one sip and your morning will never be the same. Made with Lions Mane mushrooms, which can benefit your heart, brain, and gut, a warm mug of this mushroom blend is enough to kickstart your day. Naturally supportive of productivity, focus, and creativity, all you have to do it tear, mix and drink up to give yourself a little extra boost at any hour.

Superhero status.

10 Mushroom Blend
Want all the benefits of mushrooms without all the work? Perfect for those that are always on the go, Four Sigmatic’s power blend features all the compounding effects of functional mushrooms with a sprinkle of rose hip. An easy addition to your smoothie, juice, sports drinks, oatmeal, soup or dessert, get ready to seize the day.

Go green.

Mushroom Matcha Latte with Maitake
Matcha madness, prepare to meet your match. Made with coconut milk, Maitake mushrooms, and super herb moringa, one of these dairy-free, ceremonial grade (that’s the highest grade of ground green tea), Four Sigmatic packs can help you manage hunger between meals. Sip, enjoy and keep your stomach happy.

Oh-so-sweet splendor.

Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi
Elevate your chill with a cup of healthy heaven. Created with reishi mushrooms—known to have properties to help support sleep and stress—this unique blend of fungi and cocoa is an upgrade to your afternoon and nighttime ritual. Superfood has never been so satisfying!
Four Sigmatic makes drinking mushrooms delicious and easy-to-do with their wide variety of superfood (and super-good-for-you) beverages. Get an additional 15% off bundle coffee and free shipping this holiday season by using code MINDBODY!


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