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Types of Fitness That Can Boost Your Fitbit Activity and Metrics
Published Monday Nov 19, 2018 by Brittany Raine

Types of Fitness That Can Boost Your Fitbit Activity and Metrics


So you’ve just connected your Fitbit device to the MINDBODY app and now all your activity tracking is in one place—thanks technology! If you’re looking to boost those biometrics, there are endless options when it comes to exercising. But what classes can help you beat your friends in calories burned? 

Whether your wearable is your workout sidekick or you’re just starting your wellness journey, we have four types of fitness to book on the MINDBODY app that can help you diversify your sweat while hitting your goals. Grab your Fitbit and get ready to crush those activity stats! 


With some serious calorie burning benefits, you don’t have to get in the ring to take advantage of this strength and cardio style workout. Featuring classes that cater to all levels, boxing helps you work on focus and coordination while learning some sweet moves as you sweat it out. 


Talk about pedal power. An indoor cycling class will have you working your tail off to a sick beat that keeps you moving and grooving! And with everything from high-intensity sprints to interval drills, your Fitbit will be working overtime. 

Circuit Training

Ready to kick your metabolism (and your activity tracking) up a notch? Targeting specific muscles through several, sweat-worthy workouts, circuit training incorporates short bursts of speed, balance, and strength in a group class setting. 


Beat your Fitbit goals through dance! From Zumba to hip-hop cardio, jazz and everything in between, taking a dance class is a great way to sweat out calories and work on your cardio while having fun, even if you have two left feet. 

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