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spring fitness workouts
Published Tuesday Mar 03, 2020 by Brittany Raine

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine with These 4 Workouts


After what seems like the longest winter in years, daylight savings time is finally upon us, and we are giving those chilly months—and all the same old exercises we tried in the last three months—the cold shoulder. 

If you’re looking for a fresh start when it comes to your fitness routine, there’s no better time than now! Seize the day (and the warmer season) with four of our favorite workouts that will keep you on your toes well through summer. 


aerial yoga workout

Aerial Yoga + Fitness

Have you ever wanted to look fly while actually flying? Earn your wings and seriously tone your muscles with an aerial class. Studios like AIR West Hollywood are more than just aerial yoga—their workouts will test your strength while defining gravity. Plus, you don’t have to be a frequent flyer to take advantage of the full-body benefits. With classes meant for all levels, you’ll get a hands-on lesson from instructors who fuse everything from Pilates to HIIT so you can find your flow, no mat required.  


dance cardio fitness workouts


You don’t have to have rhythm (or experience) to reap the benefits from a dance class. Just get ready, grab your sneakers, and sweat it out to some booty-shaking songs. Newer boutique studios like 305 Fitness—with locations in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, and LA—offer a live DJ, mood lighting and crazy cool workout classes. Or if you want to *actually* channel your inner Beyonce, check out Confidance in San Francisco! It’s all about burning calories to sick beats and bringing the club to the fitness classroom. 


rebounding trampoline fitness


*Literally* spring into spring with a rebounding class! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-athlete, everyone can benefit from this full-body, muscle toning, training workout that’s more than just childhood nostalgia. Studios like TrampoLEAN in NYC utilize smaller trampolines and other accessories, including resistance bands, to help you focus on balance while getting your cardio on. Plus, rebounding classes are low-impact, so your joints won’t be hurting post-class!  


bootcamp circuit training outdoor workout

Outdoor Bootcamp / Circuit Training

Add a little fresh air to your workout by welcoming the warmer months with an invigorating bootcamp or circuit training class outside. Many studios on Mindbody offer workouts in local parks (and parking lots). Work on your strength while challenging your body in a new environment. Say goodbye to those gym walls and hello to blue skies! 



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Whether you're looking to take to the air or want to keep your feet on the ground, elevate your fitness routine and get after your goals with Mindbody

Brittany Raine MINDBODY
Written by
Brittany Raine
Consumer Content Program Manager
About the author
A free-spirited farmgirl from New York, Brittany traded her job as a journalist and newspaper editor for the San Diego sunshine. Brittany now leads the curation of all creative content. There are rumors she was Middle Earth's warrior elven queen in a past life.
salon collage
Published Wednesday Sep 09, 2020 by Sara Lesher

What Do We Expect from Beauty Salons Reopening Now?


Things are weird. Times are changing. It seems like just when we’re starting to get a grip, there’s another surprise. When it comes to beauty, we've had to adapt on our own due to salon closures, keep an eye on preparations and protocol changes during those closures, try to know what we’re doing before booking an appointment once they reopened, and maybe even brave the journey back to the salon. Whether you live in a place where salons are open, you’ve experienced a second shutdown, or you straight up haven’t had a haircut since March, we can all probably agree that we’re expecting some differences in the salon and spa world thanks to COVID. 
We wanted to gauge how everyone is thinking and feeling about all this, so we put out a poll on our Instagram, asking you all what you expect from beauty salons right now.  

Here’s what you had to say... 

1.    You’re about 50/50 when it comes to heading back 

53% of you have returned to the hair salon by now, while 47% of you have not. This makes sense, because every area of the country is different when it comes to cases, closures, and mandates, and every person is different when it comes to risk and safety.  

2.    But if you are going back, you want the "normal" experience

While many hair salons have begun operating outdoors due to government regulations, 58% of you said you’re fine with getting your haircut indoors, while the other 42% are more comfortable keeping it outside.

3.    You aren’t quite comfortable with others in your home 

58% of you said you’d rather go to your hair salon than have your stylist come to you. I get it, home is a safe space, probably shouldn’t let any outsiders in.

4.    You really appreciate your stylists

69% of you said you’re “totally!” going to tip more for services once you start receiving them again. During this time without our stylists and aestheticians, I think we all realized how much we need them and appreciate them, and many of us are willing to show them a little extra gratitude to make up for the time we spent apart.

5.    Some of you are willing to take risks... 

But, most of you aren’t. 56% of you said you have not cut or colored your own or a friend’s hair, because it was too risky, while the other 44% just “had to!”  

6.    Nail salons are a lot less trafficked 

Only 29% of you have returned to nail salons, while the rest are sticking to at-home manicures. Maybe we’re all just getting really good at it? But probably, it’s because a lot of them are still closed down, or because it’s a little more difficult to get a pedicure outdoors (we need our massage chairs!).  

7.   We’ve all noticed (and embraced) the changes

Our last poll question asked about what differences you’ve all noticed when heading back to the salon, and you all had a lot to say...

chat bubbles with salon differences

It’s a beautiful thing to see how the salon and spa community has come together, taken precautions, and adjustments, all so they can continue to help us look and feel our best. If you haven’t spoken to your stylist lately (or even if you have), don’t forget to shoot them a thank you and let them know you appreciate them. 

Sara Lesher
Written by
Sara Lesher
Marketing Content Associate
About the author
Spoiled by the San Diego sunshine, Sara’s hobbies include beaching, hiking, concert-going, and brewery-hopping. As Mindbody’s marketing content associate, she naturally loves reading and writing… so if you have any book recommendations, let her know. And just between us: she’s committed to health and wellness but loves a good taco (shoutout TJ Tacos in Escondido).