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Spooky Yoga Pants That Can Double As Your Costume
Published Thursday Oct 11, 2018 by Erica Arvanitis

Spooky Yoga Pants That Can Double As Your Costume


It’s October, and you know what that means. Time to grab your squad, break out the Halloween candy and get spooky. But first, do you have a costume? 

Dressing up doesn’t have to mean that itchy pirate costume from the Halloween store. Whether you’re headed to a party, dressing up at work, or just passing out candy, here are a few ways to get frightful with your favorite activewear. 



Halloween Leggings

WHERE TO GET IT: Tipsy Elves 
A classic costume with a modern twist, pair these comfy mummy leggings with a white crop top, some toilet paper and voila—you’ll be the talk of the party! 



Halloween Leggings

Make a splash this season with some cute fish scale leggings! Throw on an iridescent sports bra and a mesh crop top for a comfy, cute look that says, I washed up like this. 



Halloween Leggings

If your Halloween plans consist of sitting on the couch watching scary movies, you can still cozy up in a cute costume. Just put on your trusted pair of black leggings (let’s be honest they are probably already on) and pair it with a comfy jack-o-lantern tee



Halloween Leggings

WHERE TO GET IT: Tipsy Elves 
Don’t be a bonehead, get yourself a pair of these scary skeleton leggings. Whether you’re the Sally to someone’s Jack or just chillin’ watching Nightmare Before Christmas, this is classic Halloween attire. 



Halloween Leggings

WHERE TO GET IT: Lotus Leggings
Take your look out of this world with a glam galaxy print! Whether you’re going to that office Halloween party or finding your heart center on the mat, you’ll be a star wherever you are. 


Halloween Leggings

WHERE TO GET IT: Tipsy Elves 
Stoked to pass out candy? Achieve some serious Valley Girl vibes with these totally tubular neon leggings. Match it with an equally bright tank, your old converse, and a sweatband for a rad outfit that completes your night! 


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Erica Arvanitis
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