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Published Thursday Mar 08, 2018 by Brittany Raine

Break out of Your Comfort Zone with These 4 Fun Workouts


With spring in sight, it’s time to gain a fresh perspective on your post-New Years workout goals. If your fitness routine is becoming less glow-tastic and more yawn-worthy, we’ve got four workouts (and studios where you can find them) to get you moving—no experience required! Exercise your right to fight through that comfort zone with a little guts and a whole lot of glory. 



The higher you fall, the harder you bounce. Dare to jump with a trampoline-based workout! Taking your fitness to new levels, trampoline-based workouts  feature heart-pumping low-impact cardio and they can improve balance and coordination. Plus, if our girl crush Margot Robbie swears by rebounding, count us in.

Studios like trampoLEAN in New York City give you your own jumping device to move, groove, and burn those calories on. Now, who’s ready to bounce?

hip hop yoga

What happens when those Saturday night shake-your-tailfeather jams pour through the speakers of a yoga studio? Pure booty muscle shaking bliss. It’s time to kick your flow up a notch with a hip-hop yoga class! As the beat drops and your downward dog gets a little deeper, let your worries will melt away to the sound of music. 

At Y7 Studio, you’ll get all the Zen of candlelight yoga but with the intensity of heat, strength and hard beats. Featuring some pretty sweet bi-coastal locations, Y7’s “We Flow Hard” is not just a mantra, it’s a way of freaking life. 

aerial yoga

If “I believe I can fly…” is going through your head right now, then you’re on the right track. You might have heard all about the benefits of aerial yogamajor ab work, zero-impact, living your gymnast dream—but what’s better than getting your swole on while defying gravity? Plus, even the beginner poses make for some Instagram-worthy images your whole crew will be asking you about.  

Studios like AIR offer friendly, intimidation-free atmospheres with hands-on instructors for all skill levels. With locations across five states, AIR takes your workout to the next level by blending elements of conditions, Pilates, ballet and HIIT to light your muscles on fire… while looking effortless of course.


pole fitness



No, we aren’t talking about race cars. We’re talking about an empowering pole fitness workout session.  It’s about time you take your muscles (and your self-confidence) for a spin. One of these classes will not only test your upper and lower body strength; it will help you love your body even more and heal chronic pain. Who doesn’t love new moves that make you stronger—physically and emotionally? People even think pole dancing should be an Olympic sport, and we can get behind that. 

Studios like Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada offer a selection of seductively sweat-inducing strengthening classes, like bootcamp, gogo dancing, kickboxing and more!

Whether it’s rebounding, hip-hop yoga, aerial or pole fitness, the MINDBODY app has thousands of options to refresh your workout and add extra excitement to any fitness routine.

Brittany Raine
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Brittany Raine
Consumer Content Program Manager
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