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Published Wednesday Oct 23, 2019 by Brittany Raine

The Best Workout Classes Under 60 Minutes


Looking to squeeze a sweat session into your packed schedule without taking up a lot of time? From cardio blasts to barre tucks, there’s no shortage of killer classes that will challenge you, whatever your activity level is.

The next time you’re searching for a workout that fits your calendar, here are six effective fitness classes you can take in under an hour!



studio barre fitness workout

Designed to strengthen, lengthen, and make your muscles burn in the best way possible, a low-impact barre class is the perfect workout, any day of the week. Using props that include bands, balls, free weights—and yes, a ballet barre—you’ll be challenged every tuck of the way. Studio Barre offers 45-minute Quick Tuck classes multiple times a week, so you can sneak in a fast fitness session and reap all the benefits of this full-body workout in an encouraging (and fun!) environment. 


rush cycle fitness workout

Trust us; nothing feels better than clipping in, sweating it out, and spinning to the beat. Whether you’re a newbie to the bike or cycle every night after work, a cardio-blag sting, heart-pumping cycling class is an awesome way to push yourself in under an hour. If you’re looking to crush your next cycling class on a tight timeframe, Rush Cycle is your answer. Featuring high-energy instructors, bass bumping playlists, and positive vibes, Rush Ride is 45-minutes of pure pedaling bliss. Plus, Rush Cycle’s themed rides are rad! 


Pilates Proworks

With a focus on power, precision, and control, Pilates will work every element of your mental and physical strength. From reformer machines to the mat, a Pilates class places an emphasis on your core—and so, so much more in a controlled studio setting. Think endurance meets feel-good flexibility. The PilatesPro class at San Francisco-based Pilates ProWorks delivers a powerful 40-minute workout option. Combining resistance, strength, and cardio in a small class setting, instructors are hands-on to help you succeed.  


305 fitness workout dance

Short on time but not on energy? If you like to party (and hit your fitness goals), it’s time to turn up the tunes—no dance experience required. Just imagine a live DJ, light show, and a room full of nonstop moving and grooving. Welcome to 305 Fitness. Famous for their signature high-intensity rhythmic CARDIO class, 305 Fitness blends dance cardio with low-impact strength training and conditioning in their 50-minute PWR workout. You’re going to be sweaty and sore, but trust us, it’s worth it. Your glutes and core will thank you.  


Y7 yoga workout fitness

Whether you’re a first-timer on the mat or master yogi, finding time for mindful movement in your fitness schedule is key for any level of activity. An act of sacred self-care, there’s something special about carving out moments where you can focus on your well-being and just let it go (and flow). Now add in heat, candles, and legendary hip-hop tracks. If you’re ready to elevate your yoga experience, join the community at Y7. Featuring positive vibes and sick beats, Y7’s one-of-kind 50-minute We Flow Hard Vinyasa Express is a class where you offer up your intentions and sweat it out in an inclusive (and super cool) space. 

Boxing | Kickboxing 

tapout fitness workout

Want to add a (fast) calorie-burning class that fits your fitness routine? From taking your everyday stress out on the bag to learning a new way to move, boxing and kickboxing provide the perfect one-two workout punch. Tapout Fitness offers dynamic workouts with top trainers that blend the magic of martial arts with strength training and cardio. Plus in their Tapout Fusion classes, you can get an unbeatable 45-minute workout experience that will not only challenge your body, but your mind, too. Woo!

Not sure what workout you want to book next? Try something new or discover what you love with great deals on fitness classes near you on MINDBODY.io

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woman running outside
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Published Tuesday Jun 30, 2020 by Dermatologist's Choice

The Summer Skincare Routine for Outdoor Workouts and Activities


Summer is officially here, and with that, there are so many fun activities that will motivate you to get outside to stay in shape and strive for those post-quarantine fitness goals. But before you decide to get outside to enjoy some walking, yoga, swimming, or hiking, remember these best practice skincare habits to protect your skin from common skin concerns, such as, sunburns, chafing, and excessive dryness. 

Here, board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Bottiglione, shares some advice to help your skin stay healthy as you embark into the great outdoors.  

But first, protect

When going outside, the sun is going to be your biggest culprit for damaging your skin. While the sun boosts benefits like vitamin D production, take notice when your skin is overexposed to the sun’s harmful rays as it becomes dangerous. When overexposed to direct sunlight, the skin is irritated, causing sunburns, dryness, and sensitivity that can increase the chances for wrinkles and skin cancer as we age.  

Luckily, staying inside when it’s so pleasant outside is not the only skincare alternative to avoid the sun’s damaging rays. Here are a few simple tips to prep your skin before stepping outside.  
Opt to protect your skin with a clinical-grade sunblocking lotion of 15 SPF or higher.

“Anytime you go outside, you need to apply sunscreen to your skin,” advises Dr. B. “Ensure you apply sunscreen to the full body and reapply often. In the morning, after cleansing your face, is the best time to apply.” He recommends a spray for oily skin, or the Dermatologist’s Choice Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer for dry to combination skin types that needs a little extra hydration.  
The key is the more intentional you are about proactively protecting your summer skin, the healthier it will be. It may sound simple, but your skin will be happier when you take a preventive approach rather than a reactive approach—for example, applying the sunscreen moisturizer before a walk to help to avoid the treatment of a sunburn after. When prepping your bag for the fun day ahead, make sure to add sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water.  
Now the real excitement begins! However you decide to get your fitness outdoors, we have the skincare routine you need or a carefree and healthy day. 

Yoga / Walking 

Deep breath. Like our favorite flow, these skincare tips will keep our mind—and our skin—at ease. If you take your yoga practice outdoors, wear an SPF shirt, and lay your mat under a nicely shaded tree to help shield you from excessive sun exposure. 

“Avoiding direct sunlight and wearing protective clothing is smart to protect your skin from sun damage. Even if you are going for a relaxing walk or doing just a few sun salutations. Staying out of the direct sunlight will reduce your risk of sun damage and wrinkles.”     - Dr. B


Swimming is one of the best cardio and strength training workouts, while also an enjoyable activity during the summer. Whether you are swimming in open water or laps in the pool, the excess amount of water with exposure to pool chemicals and environmental pollutants can cause skin irritation and dryness. To keep your skin hydrated and protected, Dr. B. recommends applying the Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil to your skin before entering the water. This will seal your skin’s protective barrier to avoid skin irritation from chemicals and debris. He adds, “The Pre-Bath Oil is what I give to all my patients with eczema or dry skin. It is the only thing that will protect and also deeply hydrate the skin.” Just apply this serum before you put on your sunscreen, and you're good to go! 


With warm temperatures during the summer months, it’s the perfect time for hiking and exploring the mountainous outdoors. It is essential to take the necessary steps to avoid your skin becoming sunburnt, irritated, or breaking out. “Wearing a hat with a large brim that will shade your face and neck is key. A baseball cap is just not enough for the sun protection you need. After your hike, it is important to clean your face and pores of sweat, dirt, and toxins with Dermatologist’s Choice Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads to avoid breakouts from occurring,” Dr. B. warns. Keep them in your bag for easy cleansing after a hike. 

Cycling/ Running 

One of the biggest skin concerns cyclists or runners usually bring to dermatologists is chafing. Even if you’re just cruising along the seaside or taking a cycling class, those tight clothes and friction can cause some intense irritation and redness. “When you have an issue with chafing, you need to protect your skin. You need armor over the skin. Beeswax, for example, is thick to coat the skin and protect it. Another effective option is the hydrating Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil. For best results, moisturize your skin, and then add a piece of clothing to cover it (that is actually like armor),” Dr. B. shares. Are you a runner? Feel free to use this tip too before your next mile or 30.  

Workout done, now what? 

At the end of your activity, the real results of that skin preparation set in. But sometimes, you need a little extra support afterwards. After any good workout, cleansing off the sweat, dirt, toxins, and irritant is paramount. Dermatologist Choice pH Balanced Cleanser helps to gently but effectively remove sweat, oil, and restore the skin’s natural pH levels.  

Did you end up getting a sunburn, or is your skin dry from the elements? Soothe with the Pre-Bath Oil with natural oils like sunflower and jojoba oil for deep hydration and healing.

“Sun damage can manifest in multiple ways. Most often, you will notice a sunburn first, which can then lead to irritated skin—and over time, sun damage increases the appearance of wrinkles.” For safe measure, at night regenerate sun-damaged skin with Dermatologist's Choice Ultra Anti-Aging Cream with 15% non-neutralized glycolic acid to your skin. This powerful dermatology treatment rebuilds the collagen and exfoliates fine lines, sunspots, and acne on the skin. “Do not apply the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream on a sunburn or irritated skin,” Dr. B. shares. These are long-term habits to aid in maintaining your best skin health.

Capture your best skin with everything you need this summer with the Dermatologist’s Choice Skin Kit, and get 20% off your order with code MB20 at www.dermchoice.com.

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