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4 Reasons to Love the All-New MINDBODY.io

Now it’s easier than ever to book your workouts. Keep Reading

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5 Healthy Ways to Eat Pumpkin

5 Healthy Ways to Eat Pumpkin

Partnership with Territory Foods

Boost your health this season with a few recipes from Territory Foods’ resident dietitian, Danielle.

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Gangs all here! 🥊👟 What workout are you trying today?
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Want to try a workout without breaking the bank? From Pilates to barre, book a deal on boutique fitness classes with MINDBODY.io—no commitment required. (Plus, if you find a studio you love, you can use the #MINDBODY app to buy memberships, class packs and more!) 🙏
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It’s about time we did a little less scrolling and *a lot* more sweating! 💦 Now, we’re making it easier—and faster than ever—to book your next workout on MINDBODY.io. Find the best studios, read real reviews and check out great deals on classes near you with our interactive map 👏 #MINDBODY
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Discover your next class with the all-new MINDBODY.io booking site! Goat yoga today. Hip-hop cardio tomorrow. Bootcamp next week. Whatever you’re into, our 22 fitness categories make it easy to explore and book millions of workouts near you 🙌 #MINDBODY
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It takes two to tango 💃 Tag your go-to yoga partner!
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Always remember, your life is your own. No matter where you are on your journey, you’re right on time ⏰
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