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You Can Now Book Classes from Instagram—And It’s Pretty Cool

Scroll. Tap. Sweat. Social fitness just took on a whole new meaning.
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At @Physique57, they focus on the person, not the pose. It’s all about individuality and a personalized training experience in a group setting. Are you ready to jump in? 🙌
📸: @physique57
Which would you go with? 💪 #MINDBODY
It's time to unwind, recharge and reset. National Relaxation Day is about doing what's right for you. Whether it's sweating it out during savasana, taking time to meditate, or indulging in your favorite spa treatment — make today yours 🙏💙 #nationalrelaxationday
📸: @sarahekoenig
Wondering if barre should be your next sweat session? You don’t have to be flexible, a dancer or even have experience exercising to benefit from this full-body workout. Book a class near you on the #MINDBODY app and you’ll be feeling stronger before you know it! ✨
📸: @barmethodslo
Monday essentials. Are you obsessed with coffee, matcha, or tea? Share a ☕️🍵🍃 in the comments below!
📸: @chillhouse
Do you spend hours attempting to straighten your hair, only to have it curl right back up the second you hit a hot yoga class? Here's a couple tips for rocking your curls with minimal effort! 💆‍♀️
1. Use less product. Let your natural hair stand out! 
2. Try sleeping with wet hair. 
3. Be prepared for all kinds of weather.
4. Don't wash your hair everyday. 
5. Have confidence in your curls!
Do you have tips for managing curls? Share yours below! 👇
📸: @ponyhairsalon